Innovate Ltd. is a subsidiary of ROM company

Innovate is the leading company in Israel offering a comprehensive package of interior design solutions from floor to ceiling, such as modular partitions, mobile partitions, floor coverings, furniture of all kinds, special carpentry and doors.

Comprehensive solutions for planning interior spaces

Innovate is the leading company in Israel for the design, supply and installation of high-quality and stylish finishing products for business and private spaces. The company places its clients at the center, and provides solutions that include a comprehensive and modular package of services and products to ensure that the resulting meticulous design is a perfect fit for every taste and budget. Provision of all these services under one roof optimizes the work for the client, allowing them to receive an integrated and coordinated response, that is creative and tailored to the client’s needs and tastes, complying with challenging schedules. 360° solutions are presented in the company's showroom of over 1,000 sqm, that is located in the Kaniel complex in the northern industrial zone in Kfar Saba. The company's products include: modular partitions of various kinds, ceilings and acoustic coverings, a variety of floor coverings including parquets, tile and roll carpets, doors, industrialized furniture systems and dedicated master carpentry (custom made) with highly polished and meticulous execution, a selection of seating solutions, which includes chairs of the most advanced ergonomic design alongside a variety of stylish systems for informal seating. 

The company's extensive experience, the comprehensive range of services together with the variety of products on offer, the international brands, their quality and innovation, enable Innovate to realize each client’s design fantasy. The company has its own manufacturing plants, including a unique artisan carpentry workshop used to build products according to personal, customized designs, made of innovative materials that correspond with the latest design trends, both local and international.

innovate knows how to combine all the components of each project: the client's needs, the limitations and strengths of the property, and the designer's creative vision, and by so doing to fashion a new statement in each and every project, which gives it a unique character.

Innovate Ltd.

Kaniel Complex, Kfar Saba North Industrial Park

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