The ROM Story

Rom Geves Casings & Coverings (1997) Ltd. is the primary contracting arm of the Amos Luzon Development and Energy Group Ltd. in the construction industry. ROM is one of Israel’s veteran and leading companies in the field of construction finishing works, and was established for this purpose in 1991. With the goal of growing and expanding, the company underwent reorganization in 1997, and joined the A. Dori Group (later renamed the Amos Luzon Group) as a partner. It was given a new name - Rom Geves Casings & Coverings (1997) Ltd. 


Over its many years of operation, the company has executed a range of large-scale projects, including millions of square meters of commercial and industrial space constructed throughout Israel.

The company is classified as a G-5 level contractor (unrestricted) as well as an accredited contractor for government works. 

ROM is engaged in construction works that include the skeleton phase in a diverse variety of projects, such as commercial centers and community sports centers, as well as exclusive projects, such as private homes and luxury boutique buildings. ROM also manages and executes a wide range of projects of varying scopes - ranging from offices spanning thousands of meters, public buildings, hospitals, hotels, sheltered housing, industrial buildings, residences and security facilities, through finishing works for hundreds of individual meters as a service to the company's clients, to mega projects and unique and complex conservation works.

In each of these projects, the company brings to bear its fundamental values - quality, professionalism, excellence, reliability and a personal relationship with the client. ROM utilizes the most advanced construction technologies in the world, using the most innovative equipment in its field, coupled with the finest and most experienced professionals in the construction industry. It is thanks to all these that the company has gained its standing as a leader in construction and finishing works in Israel.

Quality, Professionalism, Excellence, Reliability and Personal Relationships with Clients

The values and principles that guide ROM’s work and are the central focus in each and every construction project are quality, reliability, excellence and loyalty to our clients. Our personal, professional and dedicated attention to our clients throughout the entire process, coupled with an uncompromising adherence to standards of excellence in execution and compliance with strict timelines have together contributed to the company’s many achievements over the years and to its excellent reputation. ROM's success is also based on its expert teams, consisting of the most highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in their fields, with unrivaled capabilities in the construction field. Many of the projects carried out by the company have set new standards of excellence in the Israeli construction industry in general, and in the field of finishing works in particular.

Our impressive heritage alongside uncompromising constant renewal

ROM’s uniqueness lies in the unique combination of the company's impressive heritage and the extensive experience it has acquired, alongside a belief in looking ahead and constant renewal. This combination enables the company to offer comprehensive and creative solutions in the world of construction, and actively meet its commitments. These are performed while maintaining an uncompromising standard of quality and paying particular attention to the safety of all employees on its sites.


Executive Vice President
VP Engineering
VP Operations & HR
Chief Engineer Northern Branch
Director of Central Branch
Chief Engineer Southern Branch

ROM is the contracting arm of the Amos Luzon Development and Energy Group Ltd.

ROM has two subsidiaries:

Innovate Ltd, which is the leading company in Israel providing a comprehensive package of interior design solutions from floor to ceiling. 

Shiaror Trade Ltd. imports and markets the AUX brand of air conditioners - one of the three leading air conditioner manufacturers in the world.

Shiaror is an air conditioning company that serves as the exclusive distributor for air conditioners and air conditioning systems manufactured by the international AUX company - one of the world's leading manufacturers of air conditioning systems.

The company offers a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic AC solutions and has an in-house engineering team, technical support, service, nationwide distribution, in order to provide a high-level response to both business and private clients.

The Amos Luzon Group Development and Energy Ltd. is a public company, which was listed for trade on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 1993. The Luzon Group is one of the leading real estate development companies in Israel. From its very beginning, the company has excelled in quality, reliability and meeting deadlines. It is active in a wide variety of real estate development and construction fields in Israel and abroad, as well as in the field of energy infrastructure.

Innovate is the leading company in Israel for the design, supply and installation of high-quality and stylish finishing products for business and private spaces. The company places its clients at the center, and provides solutions that include a comprehensive and modular package of services and products to ensure that the resulting meticulous design is a perfect fit for every taste and budget.